The Brimrock Group Inc.

Brimrock is a sulfur processing technologies group that offers a number of advanced processes to international oil and gas companies that produce sulfur. Beginning with its sulfur forming technology, Brimrock offers the patented RS1500™ granulation unit that will process up to 1500 TPD of SUDIC specification premium granules, as well as the 2000 TPD Prillmax™ wet prill process. Brimrock also offers an 840 TPD sulfur remelter and a 575 TPD contaminated sulfur remelter. In addition, Brimrock markets a low cost 1500 TPD H2S degassing unit as well as an 840 TPD degasser.

Brimrock has over 150 years of collective experience in sulfur operations, research and development, equipment design, engineering and commissioning services both in North America and internationally.

The Brimrock Group also offers consulting services related to sulfur processing, facility design and technical operations for the domestic and international sulfur industry.

What's New

2014-03-24 Calgary, Canada - Sandvik Process Systems Acquires the Brimrock Group

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